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Romanian E-Teach Multiplier Event

Updated: Feb 8

The Romanian Multiplier event was hosted online by LBUS University on the18th of January 2024 at 10:00-12.00 AM. It started with an introduction about the E-Teach Project, presenting the project's objectives, collaborative efforts, and the progress achieved thus far. This insightful introduction set the stage for a more detailed exploration of the project's outcomes. Central to the event were the unveiling and exploration of four major resources developed by the e-Teach Project:

  1. Knowledge Paper of Upskilling Digital Pedagogy for Teachers: A comprehensive guide offering in-depth strategies and insights for educators in the digital age.

  2. Modular Course Curriculum for Digital Pedagogy: This curriculum is designed for adaptability, enabling educators at various stages to enhance their digital teaching capabilities.

  3. Scenario-based Digital Pedagogy Teacher Guide: A resource rich with practical scenarios, it provides best practices for effective digital learning and teaching.

  4. Online Course on Digital Pedagogy: An engaging course that delves into digital pedagogy principles, suitable for educators across all levels.

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