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About the project

The e-Teach Project aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of teacher education through the resources and training necessary to effectively integrate digital tools into their teaching practices. By promoting innovative teaching practices and fostering the professional development of educators, teachers, and future teachers, the project seeks to contribute to the advancement of education in the digital era.

The e-Teach project is an EU-supported Erasmus+ project with a partnership of 6 educational institutions from six countries. The partners include Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University (Turkey), Baltic Education Technology Institute (Lithuania), University of Helsinki (Finland), Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (Romania), and University of Social Sciences (SAN) (Poland). ​


The e-Teach Project duration is from 28.02.2022 to 27.02.2024 (2 years, 24 Months).

Project Objectives

  • Transform traditional teaching methods to digital teaching methods to optimize the learning and teaching experience in digital settings.

  • Create a digital guide to assist teachers/ prospective teachers in implementing digital pedagogy within online learning environments.

  • Train and equip teachers/prospective teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize digital pedagogy in e-learning and innovative instructional strategies.

  • Enhance capacity building of prospective teachers in the departments of education and enable them to excel in teaching and learning.​​

Intellectual Outputs

Two intellectual outputs in the project: ​

1. Knowledge Paper of Upskilling Digital Pedagogy for Teachers and Modular Course Curriculum for Digital Pedagogy ​

2. Scenario-based Digital Pedagogy Teacher Guide for Learning/Teaching Practices & the online course on Digital Pedagogy.

e-Teach Knowledge Paper

The knowledge paper offers a solid theoretical foundation to understand digital pedagogy.

It also features practical case studies for real-world applications.

Project Outputs

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