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Polish e-Teach Multiplier Event

The multiplier E-Teach event in Poland was organized by the Social Academy of Sciences on January 28, 2024 in Warsaw. The event aimed to disseminate the innovative approaches and results achieved in digital pedagogy through this project. Participants, teachers and future teachers, were introduced to the project results, including the e-Teach Knowledge Paper, e-Teach Modular Curriculum, e-Teach Teacher's Guide, e-Teach OER Online Course and e-Teach Certificate Training Program.

The event began with an introduction to the E-Teach project, presenting the project's goals, the consortium and team involved, and the progress achieved. This insightful introduction set the stage for a more detailed analysis of the project's outcomes, which were then discussed in small groups. There was a fruitful discussion on how the results can be used in teachers' daily practices and how they complement their professional development.

Participants appreciated the broad theoretical foundation that the project provided and also enjoyed the online OER course as a more practical component. Participants were informed that the project results are available on the project website, both in English and Polish.



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