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Get excited about programming with EU Code Week!

“EU Code Week is a grass-roots movement that celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities. The idea is to make programming more visible, to show young, adults and elderly how you bring ideas to life with code, to demystify these skills and bring motivated people together to learn.”

The Innokas network, together with the Finnish National Agency for Education, challenged teachers, schools and educational institutions to get excited about programming and computational thinking in Finland! We hosted exciting and versatile distance learning lessons for students of different ages, from preschool to middle school. Schools were also invited to organize their own coding event with their students and to add their event to the -page.

In October 2023, nearly 15000 students and their teachers registered to participate in nine distance lessons with the topics ranging from coding games, to programming without devices, to artificial intelligence. It was truly an engaging and innovative way to get excited about programming and learn together!

On the EU’s Code Week website, you can find tips, materials and courses for implementing events, as well as the English-language social media channels maintained by the European Commission, where you can follow the activities of the code week throughout the year.

Follow: @CodeWeekEU #CodeWeekFinland #innokas



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