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E-Teach Transnational Meeting & ALTA International Conference in Lithuania

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

We are excited to announce the upcoming E-Teach Transnational Meeting in Lithuania, hosted by the Baltic Education Technology Institute (BETI) on 11th of December, 2023 and the much-anticipated ALTA International Conference, which will take place on the 12th of December, 2023. This year's ALTA conference theme is “Advanced Learning Technologies and Applications. EMPOWERING LEARNING THROUGH DIGITAL PEDAGOGY.”

The conference promises to be a grand assembly of Europe's educational actors, from policy-makers to practitioners and researchers. ALTA'2023 is not just an event but a platform to present research, projects, and share experiences in the realm of e-learning methodologies, educational projects, and innovative technologies applied to education and research.

This year, the conference is spotlighting the e-Teach project in a dedicated parallel session. Partners of the project are warmly invited to share their insights and research by presenting scholarly papers. This provides a golden opportunity for intellectual discussions and learning from the various facets of the project.

Highlighted Conference Topics Include:

  • Scientific Research in the Globalization Process of e-Education

  • Smart Technology Applications in Education

  • E-education Paradigms, Models, and Methods

  • Digital Skills and Learning Analytics

  • Distance Education and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Open Education Resources (OERs and MOOCs)

  • Economic and Managerial Aspects of E-education

  • Women in STEAM: Technologies for the Future

  • Cross-cultural and Global Perspectives in Digital Pedagogy

The conference presentations will be conducted in both English and Lithuanian languages. The event is being organized by Dr. Danguole Rutkauskiene.

Additional Information and Registration:



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