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The e-Teach project online kick-off meeting took place on 30/03/2022!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

On March 30, 2022, the inaugural online kick-off meeting for the e-Teach project was successfully conducted, marking a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts among the project's partners. Representatives from each partnering institution were present, facilitating an environment of active engagement and discussion.

The meeting was skillfully coordinated by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the project's lead institution. VUB took the opportunity to provide a comprehensive overview of the project's objectives, timeline, and management protocols. The presentation also delved into pertinent project management concerns, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations and ensuring that all partners have a mutual understanding of the project’s governance.

COMU, another key partner, took the floor to present an in-depth work plan specifically targeting two significant components of the project: the development of a Knowledge Paper on Upskilling Digital Pedagogy for Teachers and a Modular Course Curriculum for Digital Pedagogy. The presentation by COMU illuminated the strategies and methodologies that will be employed to achieve these intellectual outputs, thereby offering a roadmap that the partners could rally around.

During the meeting, each partner had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their respective roles within the e-Teach project. This facilitated the sharing of expectations and expertise, enriching the collective knowledge base of the team and fostering a collegial atmosphere conducive to successful project implementation.

The meeting also included an open discussion session on various implementation issues. Partners had the opportunity to clarify doubts, propose ideas, and elaborate on potential challenges, contributing to a more streamlined and effective project workflow.

In summary, the kick-off meeting proved to be an invaluable starting point for the e-Teach project, setting the stage for a productive and collaborative relationship among all the partners involved. It provided not just an avenue for initial introductions but also established a shared vision and framework for the successful execution of the project. With such a promising beginning, the team looks forward to the progressive work that lies ahead.



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