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E-Teach Online Workshop Series - Session 2

Session 2: Teacher's Competencies and Digital Content Development

The second session of the E-Teach Online Workshop Series was presented by the University of Helsinki (UH) and Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu (LBUS) on the 17th May 2023. Throughout the workshop, participants had the opportunity to explore the key competencies and skills required by teachers in the digital age. They also learned about effective strategies, platforms and tools for developing interactive digital content.

A total of 57 certificates were awarded for this session. Among these, 46 Certificates of Participation were granted to acknowledge the active engagement and commitment of the attendees. Additionally, 11 Certificates of Contribution were presented to recognize the valuable insights and contributions made by specific participants during the workshop.

Key highlights:

  • Understanding Teacher Competencies: Participants gained a deeper understanding of the key competencies and skills that teachers need in the digital age. They explored the evolving role of educators in leveraging digital tools and resources, and the importance of adapting their instructional practices to meet the needs of digitally savvy learners. Specifically, participants were introduced with topics such as the technological pedagogical knowledge (TPACK) framework and the Content and Digi Representation tool (CoDiRe).

  • Developing Digital Content: Participants were introduced to various types of digital content in e-learning and explored the possibilities of leveraging digital resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences. The workshop showcased different platforms and tools available for digital content development, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with a range of options to suit their specific teaching needs.



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