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The E-Teach Multiplier Event in Lithuania, 12 Dec. 2023

Updated: Apr 3

E-Teach project partner BETI and Kaunas University of Technology hosted the Multiplier Event of the e-Teach Project in connection with the ALTA'23 Conference on 12 Dec. 2023.

The Multiplier Event, a cornerstone of the e-Teach Project, aimed to disseminate the innovative approaches and results achieved in digital pedagogy by this project. During this vibrant session, Greta Volodzkaitė from BETI (Baltic Educational Technology Institute), took the stage to present the array of deliverables of the e-teach project, including

the e-Teach Knowlege Paper, e-Teach Knowlege Paper, e-Teach Teacher's Guide, e-Teach OER Online Course and e-Teach Certificate Training Program.

One of the highlights of the Multiplier Event was the interactive panel discussion. It facilitated a lively exchange of ideas between experts and participants, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that is so vital for educational innovation. Topics ranged from leveraging AI in classrooms to creating inclusive and accessible digital learning environments, reflecting the diverse scope of the e-Teach Project.

The Multiplier Event took place in connection with the 20th International Conference "ALTA'23 - Advanced Learning Technologies and Applications. Empowering learning through digital pedagogy", marking a significant milestone in the field of digital education. Organized by the National Association of Distance Education and the E-learning Technology Center at Kaunas University of Technology, the conference held both at the University Campus Library (Kaunas) and online, brought together esteemed educators and technology experts from around the globe.

The conference featured a diverse range of topics, including discussions on digital leadership, digital competencies, computational thinking, and innovative teaching technologies. The use of micro-modules and micro-credentials in empowering lifelong learning was a central theme, reflecting the growing trend towards more modular and flexible learning pathways. Interactive presentations and panel discussions offered attendees the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about the future of digital education.

Partners of the e-Teach project contributed to the conference with their presentations. Notable presentations included "Digital Leadership of Teachers and Academic Leaders" by Prof. Chang Zhu from Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, "Developing Creative Digital Pedagogy through the Innokas Network" by Laura Salo from the University of Helsinki, and "Untangling Inclusive Blended Learning Environments: a Literature Review" by Marta Lucchetti, from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

The event also served as a platform for networking and collaboration. Participants had the opportunity to engage with the speakers and peers, discussing potential partnerships and future projects. This aspect of the event underscored the importance of community and shared effort in advancing the field of digital education.

For more information and to access the conference materials, visit the official ALTA'23 website.



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