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E- Teach Workshop Series - Session 3

Session 3: Blended Learning and Emerging New Technologies

The third session of the E-Teach Workshop Series was hosted by the University of Social Sciences (SAN) and Baltic Institute of Educational Technologies (BETI) on the 23rd of May. In this session participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the benefits and strategies of blended learning, as well as discover innovative technologies that enhance teaching and learning experiences.

A total of 49 certificates were awarded for this session. Among these, 39 Certificates of Participation were granted to recognize the dedication and active involvement of the attendees. Additionally, 10 Certificates of Contribution were presented to acknowledge the valuable insights and contributions made by specific participants during the workshop.

Key highlights:

  • Participants were presented with research-based evidence on the effectiveness of blended learning and its potential to engage students, promote active learning, and cater to diverse learning styles. They also discussed the importance of designing blended learning environments that foster collaboration, interaction, and personalized learning experiences.

  • Participants explored emerging technologies that can enhance digital and blended learning environments. They discovered how learning management systems, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, adaptive learning, virtual reality, mobile learning, and gamified applications can be leveraged to create interactive and immersive learning experiences.



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